Office Refurbishment London area

      As a specialist office refurbishment company based in London, O&K Property Works Ltd undertake full-service office refurbishment projects as well as commercial refurbishment and fitting out to business premises, restaurants, schools, colleges and retail outlets across the London. Key to our refurbishment process is the ability to deliver an updated working environment that does not compromise the expectations of the modern workplace, while still respecting the heritage of the building.

Commercial or Office Refurbishment – We Can Help

  •  We will take your vision and guide it through the refurbishment process to projectcompletion
  • We like to get to know your requirements
  • Agree a timescale, budget and confirm required works
  • Check landlord consent, building regulations and/or planning consent
  • Set up and start the required refurbishment works
  • To be proactive by advising and problem solving
  • A Director will be point of contact throughout the project and for after support
  • A snag free project completion
  • O & M’s (Operation and Maintenance Manuals) on Completion

Why Refurbish Commercial Premises?

  • To extend the life of a building
  • To change the use of a building
  • To repair wear and tear
  • To modernise and bring up to date an older building
  • To make the building more accessible and user friendly to the disabled
  • To visually improve the appearance of a building
  • To present your corporate style
  • To improve the working environment for all users
  • To increase rental income
  • To increase the value of the property asset
  • Sometimes it is cheaper to refurbish than relocate or build from new

Commercial Refurbishment – What’s Involved?

      Refurbishment usually occurs to an existing building or part of a building that already has existing elements within it, for example – suspended ceilings, lighting, heating, air conditioning, floor finishes, decoration and modernisation or change of use is now needed.

      During your office or commercial refurbishment it may not be all of the elements of the building that are replaced, but usually it is at least new carpets and decoration. Refurbishment can also be carried out to the external envelope of the building, as well as, or instead of, the inside.

      Throughout the entire project, from feasibility studies, design, cost solutions, programming, logistics, site work implementation and close out, Prime Solutions’ experienced staff and supply chain partners work in collaboration with the entire project delivery team to produce a successful refurbishment project completion.