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      People start house renovation projects for a variety of reasons. Be it putting your own stamp on a property to create your dream home. Deciding to undertake a house renovation can be both an exciting and scary prospect. The secret to success of every house refurbishment project is being extremely prepared and expecting the unexpected. As experts in renovations, we are all too aware of common pitfalls and our team will be on hand to advise you every step of the way — ensuring that your renovation remains timely and cost-effective. At the start of every house renovation in London, your personally assigned project manager will draw up a step-by-step schedule of works, detailing every job which needs to be completed. Organising the project in this way ensures that your house renovation will stay on track and, most importantly, on budget.
      While most of our customers approach us already owning the property they plan to renovate, we can also provide advice and support if you are trying to find the perfect property for a house renovation project in London.
      Our team is more than happy to answer initial enquiries around properties with potential to renovate and start the process of a positive working relationship.

Home Renovation

      For any home renovation job we can run a full scale operation — with construction, plumbing and electrical work often being carried out in parallel. In our London workshop our team of cabinet makers is tasked with designing and building the furniture that is to be fitted in the last stages of your renovation.
      With most jobs of this type being done in old English houses, we are prepared to assess and carry out all the necessary repair work as a first step.
      House rewiring or replumbing are common enough tasks which require a knowledgeable team to tackle. We can do this for you, from installing a brand new heating system to servicing your existing gas boiler or carrying out immersion heater repairs.
      Lastly, when it comes to design, decoration and finishing touches there’s no better team to have at hand. Our in-house interior designer can offer you suggestions, visuals, and a clear plan for how your home should look once all the work is completed.
      Make an enquiry today or schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your project.

House Improvements & Repairs

      While a home renovation project is an attractive idea in itself, many homeowners are looking to get as much as possible from it. With a fully qualified team at your service you can make significant upgrades to your house — such as house extensions, kitchen extensions and garage conversions.
      The multidisciplinary nature of our team gives us an edge over other companies because you know all the improvements done to your domicile are planned as a whole and done together.
      The improvements we can do can be of any scale. We can masterfully tackle big construction work just as well as our tradesmen can do installation work (for gas boilers, radiators, electric showers, fuse boxes and more), replacements, upgrades and home repairs of any type.
      For smaller jobs, we have the right tradesman to cover your needs in terms of plumbing, electrical work, painting and decoration, flooring, roofing, furniture and specialised interior design.
You can rely on our team to always be professional and capable, taking care of your house improvement project from A to Z. If you are upgrading your home and are located in Greater London, Surrey, Sussex areas. or nearby areas, we are the right team for you.


Why Choose Us?

Here at Repair My Home we offer a quality, budget-efficient and hassle-free set of services meant to cover all the bases for your project.
We are project managers, designers, carpenters, cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians and labourers backed up by years of experience in the trade. All you need to do is reach out to us and our team will look after your needs fully.

Our clients choose us because:

  • We have an excellent track record of completing home renovation projects on time and on budget
  • We have the expertise to advise you on your project and the means to carry out any work
  • We offer a friendly, professional service supported by solid experience in our industry
  • We have a large portfolio of renovation, construction and maintenance projects for homes in London.
  • We can handle any large project as well as quickly carry out any small repairs Our philosophy is that nobody can do it all, but a good team can aim to do it and succeed.


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